Warranty Loft Concept

We are confident in the high quality of our furniture, lighting elements and accessories. All products in our store have a 1 year warranty . Quite a long time, isn't it? During this time, you will have time to appreciate the quality of the selected item. 

We are completely confident in our product , but if something suddenly happens, we inform you about the details regarding the warranty coverage:
  • The guarantee is valid from the date of transfer of the goods to the buyer. We ask you to keep the original receipt , it is a confirmation of purchase in our store and allows you to determine the start date of the warranty.
  • The warranty covers defects in the goods caused by defects in construction or materials and which appeared from the moment of purchase of the goods in the store.
  • The warranty is valid only if the product is used for its direct purpose.
  • Warranty is void if the product has been improperly stored and handled or improperly assembled .
  • Acceptable conditions for the preservation of wood products are: the indoor temperature should be within the range of +21 to + 24 ° C, the relative humidity should vary from 45 to 60% If these storage conditions for the products are not met and there are no sensors in the room for temperature and humidity checks - it is not possible to guarantee the safety of wooden furniture and other wooden interior items. The warranty does not apply in such circumstances.
  • Also normal wear and tear , cuts and scratches during use are not covered by the warranty.
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