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Loft Concept delivery terms

  1. After the factory completes the production of your order, it will be delivered to Moscow, and we will contact you to agree on the time and place of delivery.
  2. Our rule & nbsp; is to deliver to the client within three days from the moment the goods arrive at the warehouse. But to make it as convenient for you to take your order as possible, we agree in advance on the exact day and time of delivery.
  3. Delivery is carried out on any convenient day for you on weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00. Other delivery times are negotiated separately.
  4. Delivery within Moscow and Moscow region : 700 - 1500 rubles. depending on the distance at the rate of 50 rubles. per km. (check the exact cost with the manager). Outside the MKAD, no further than 20 km.
  5. Delivery within Russia (outside Moscow and Moscow region) is carried out by transport companies "PEK" or "CDEK" and is paid separately. Shipping cost depends on the size of the purchase. Find out delivery rates in Russia from our managers.
  6. Delivery to the CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Belarus) is carried out by the transport company "PEK" and is paid separately. Shipping cost depends on the size of the purchase. Find out delivery rates for CIS countries from our managers.

  7. Наши клиенты – это наши партнеры и друзья, мы не можем себе позволить подвести их, поэтому пристально следим за качеством товара  и упаковки перед отгрузкой !
The Buyer (the Buyer's representative) is obliged to perform an external examination of the Goods at the time of its acceptance and sign the invoice and the Acceptance Certificate (if delivery is under the Agreement).

  • 1) Transport services for the carriage of goods across the territory of the Russian Federation LLC “Loft-Concept” does not provide any responsibility for the carriage of goods by RF from the warehouse of the seller to the address of the buyer does not bear.

  • 2) All goods are checked before shipment in the warehouse.

  • 3) The specified shipping service is provided by a third party. The buyer can independently pick up the cargo by any Transport company and order a check of the order (commercial act of inspection of the internal content).

  • 4) If the application in the shopping mall, the shipment of the order is made by the employees of Loft-Concept LLC - responsibility for transportation is also fully borne by the shopping mall, which transports this cargo. And Loft-Concept LLC DOES NOT ACCEPT claims on the received broken goods!

5) Employees of & nbsp; "Loft-Concept" LLC make orders for delivery of & nbsp; TC "PEK", TC "Business Lines", & nbsp; TC "SDEK"
If the Client & nbsp; needs to ship an order by another TC - the client makes a request for shipment independently
Pickup address - & nbsp; warehouse is specified in contacts & nbsp;
& nbsp;
6) In the event that a request to the shopping center for the shipment of the order is made by the employees of Loft-Concept
- & nbsp; it is mandatory in the application & nbsp; :
full insurance,
cost of goods.
This rule applies by default & nbsp; for all orders.

And if the Transport company refuses to reimburse the customer for the loss or damage of the goods, explaining this by the fact that:
insurance was not specified in the application, & nbsp;
full cost was not specified in the application & nbsp;
or the TC shifts the blame for damage to the goods onto the Seller
is a deliberate lie, retroactive manipulation of data & nbsp; and an attempt to evade responsibility. & nbsp;
& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; We kindly ask you to pay attention to this information of our clients! & nbsp; It is not possible to influence the decency and conscientiousness of Russian shopping malls, & nbsp; the Seller does not have such & nbsp; resources. & nbsp;


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